Christmas flowers

Christmas flowers

DIY christmas flowers

Those who love DIY can easily make DIY Christmas flowers, beautiful and decorative just like real ones. Take, for example, poinsettias: it is possible to create fake stars with very few materials and in no time. You will need red and green crepe paper, straws, polystyrene, glue, a pair of scissors, a tube of yellow tempera paint and finally some round jar caps of different sizes. First you need to cover the straws with green paper to create the stems; then you have to cut out the red paper to create the bracts that will be glued in the shape of a corolla on the top of the straws. Finally, the pistils are created with polystyrene, which is reduced to balls and colored with yellow tempera. The balls are then glued to the center of the corolla. In this way you will get beautiful flowers useful for decorating the house in a vase, or to create a beautiful Christmas composition, as a centerpiece, by attaching the flowers on the caps of jars, used as a base.

Christmas flowers: the most loved flower

Among the Christmas flowers, the most popular still today is the poinsettia. Its botanical name is euphorbia, but it is also called Poinsettia, from the name of the American governor who first ruled in Mexico, the country of origin of this species. In its original places, the poinsettia actually grows into a tree or a large bush. In our latitudes, however, poinsettia is grown mainly in pots, where it never exceeds one and a half meters in height. This plant is mainly used as a Christmas present and in most cases does not survive the holidays, as many think it is an annual species. In fact, the star can survive for several years if it is kept in the right way. When it is very cold it should be kept in an apartment, in a bright area but away from cold currents and sources of intense heat. Furthermore, at the end of flowering, it should be pruned leaving each stem at a maximum of fifteen centimeters in height, to favor the birth of new green shoots.

Christmas flowers: hellebore

THE christmas flowers there are actually many, there is not only the classic star with red bracts, even if today on the market there are hybrids with bracts of various colors, from pink to white. Another type of flower that is very beautiful to see during the holidays is that of hellebore: unlike poinsettia, this plant survives even at very low temperatures and is also much smaller and more graceful. It produces beautiful pink flowers, very decorative. A legend tells of the birth of these flowers, linked to the nativity of Jesus: according to this story, a young woman wanted to go to Bethlehem to pay homage to the Savior but during the journey she realized that she had not brought with her a gift for the child and for his mother, the Virgin Mary. The girl then began to cry and her tears miraculously turned into these beautiful flowers, which were then brought as a gift to the Madonna. Also thanks to this beautiful story, hellebore is a really suitable plant to decorate the house during the Christmas period.

Christmas flowers - A dogwood plant with red berries">Christmas flowers: other Christmas flowers

Among the many Christmas flowers, there are also those of the dogwood: it is a small tree that normally grows in the middle of the woods, but which is grown especially during the holiday season because it produces very ornamental red berries. Actually, these fruits are born in summer, but to have them at Christmas the dogwoods are grown in greenhouses. Among the shrubs we must remember the viburnum, an evergreen that is actually decorative all year round: it produces beautiful white flowers that grow in bunches, useful for decorating even a centerpiece. Alternatively, there is the San Giuseppe jasmine, a climber that produces pretty colorful flowers and does not require special cultivation care; or there is the classic camellia, whose beautiful and fragrant flowers bloom right in winter and last for a long time. For those who want a particular plant, there is the winter calicanthus, whose yellow flowers are excellent to be cut and stored in a vase, indoors.

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